The bug that changed clothes

Pictures of The project Fifty

On the way to Finland! 2011

Here it stands in the Helsinki fair on the Extreme Show 2011 more pictures from the show here 


Picture from The Lufsickblog! http://luftsick.blogspot.com/ 


Isabelle in Finland 1995.

Home in the garden

1999 it was in green and with gray on the sides.

The original steeringwheel fitted on the Porsche steering.

This wipers are special, they got a balljoint for making bigger moves


This wipers I found on an market, they are made for whiping more of the screen

Rusty whheldiscs... bad... hehe 

Thanks to Ray Hill for making this paniting for My car!

Starterkey on the left, as it have to be in a Porsche...


10 gallon fuelcell

Isabelle 2004

From the Hartwall arena in Helsinki 2004 I think

Pargas outside Turkuu in Finland, the yellow is a car I designed and made for Mika Forsman and He did win at Bugrun with it as "best innovation" so with My car I have got that price 2 times and one with his..


Finland, 1999 I think




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