The chassis is built from seamless tubes. I started to make a frame in round steel to fit in the
complete floor pan complete with engine, brakes and gearbox from the Porsche 911 in to the body of
my mothers old Split windows 1950 Bug.

This job was not easy, mostly because the wheelbase on the 911 is 1280mm shorter than the Bug. I
made the front longer on the floor pan so it could fit in under the body without changing the bodywork.
In the first years of the project the car had glass fiber front piece (flip).

Picture of the tubeframe in front

This is the floorpan from a stock VW. 


The front how it looked back in 1992


1997 when I was doing a welding job on a original Hebmuller (the only one in Sweden) I found out that
it was now time to change the glass fiber front to original. I took some parts from the front of the
Heb and welded them back on to my car…, that took just a winter to do mostly because the parts
from the Heb were in really bad condition…