Sponsors, people and companys who helped my car to be!

(Paint) www.standox.com Specially thanks to Bosse at Standox who always is a god guy!

(Parts) www.autoherba.se Auto Herba Bilapoteket i Huddinge, They have allways helped me!

(Paintjob) www.tmh.se Thomas at TMH bil och Lack Tel. 08-778 89 50
(Cromejob) Olle Thorslund Tel. 08-715 72 71
(Steering/Wheel adjustment) Vianor, Tel. 08-711 60 26
(Steel and welding) Forsells Smide, Special thanks to Richard at Forsells Smide for his support and good ideas!
(Wheels and Tyres) NT Däck ,Thanks to Timo and Nisse!