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Other fun projects I have done


Detta är vår samlingspunkt för skoj, galet eller bara sånt som man gör för att genomlida en “möjlig” 40 årskris..

2010-09-10 X-treme Tuning & Custom Car Show
X-treme Car Show is the autumns biggest Car Show, in Finland. It is a mecca for Car crazy automotive oriented persons who love all types of extreme cars. The show is organized by KK Productions together with Finnish fair at Helsinki Fair Center on 10.-12.9.2010 ( and 23.-25.9.2011 ). In the show there are 20 themas and classes and a various program on the fairs showscene ( different programs, every hour ). This years main thema is carbuilding and styling that is happening live at the show.

Me, Danne, Bernie and Leepu from TV series Chop Shop London Garage



Kungarna samlade och här ser man även beviset för att LUFTSICK har fått en Camaro i Klubben!
Skylten hänger kring min hals.